Where to buy custom LED Tail Lights for Honda Prelude 5th Gen (1997-2001)

Custom LED Tail Lamps for 5th Gen Prelude

Early 2021, a Japanese tail light builder, Hi Flash, developed these custom tail lights for the 1997-2001 Honda Prelude. As of this writing, there appears to be a newer version of these tailights that feature additional LED sequences according to this video posted in September 2021: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xBwRmHD76RA



The last time I corresponded with the builder, the asking price was $1,000 + $200 for the sequential relay. The sequential relay is not required but I highly recommend it because the tail lights would need to be taken apart to install them later. Also, if you’re spending $1,000 then you might as well go all out by spending a couple hundred more for the LED effects otherwise the turn signals will blink normally.


Where to Buy

Head over to fromJapan.co.jp/en and search “bb6 led“ or “prelude led”. By clicking my link, it will take you to the search results. The listing is usually posted as an auction and ends on Sundays. If you’re bidding on the item, I don’t recommend going over the asking price, in that case, just buy directly from the builder.


If these tail lights are no longer appearing on the Japanese auction website, you can contact the seller through his youtube channel or by locating his contact email within the comment section of this video: https://youtu.be/5JEvxqXAmFk


Spot the Replicas

There are multiple versions of these tailights. The original builder goes by hi_flash2012 and so if the seller is using a different username, chances are they were built by someone else or the listing is possibly a used set.



  • Seller is hi_flash2012
  • Reverse light is small
  • Auction bid


  • Reverse Light is more wide
  • Seller is not hi_flash2012
  • Buy it now price


Watch Here

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