StreetHunter Subaru BRZ Body Kit

Streethunter has just released a full bodykit for the 2022 BRZ and 2022 GR86!

The kit includes:

  • Duckbill Spoiler
  • Vinyl Door Car Decal
  • Fender Garnishes
  • Front License Plate Delete
  • Front Lip
  • Rear Lip
  • Sideskirt Extention


The Rear Spoiler is essentially an extended Duck Bill Spoiler. It comes in Carbon Fiber and FRP.

The BRZ front lip is not interchangeable and at this time of writing, the GR86 front lip will be available at a later time.


Purchase the Body Kit at

Front Lip

Rear Lip

Sideskirt Extentions

Fender Garnishes

Rear Bumper Caps

Carbon Duck Bill Spoiler

Front License Plate Delete

Streethunter Door Card Decal

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