Part List for H22a4 Engine Rebuild

Here is a list of parts I’ve used to rebuild my H22a4 motor for my 98 Honda Prelude. Some part numbers may vary depending on your H22 motor:

My Rebuild Part List

– ARP Head Studs – 208-4304
– King Engine Bearings Main Bearings
– King Engine Bearings Rod Bearings
– King Engine Bearings Thrust Washers
– OEM Piston Rings – 13011-P5M-013 (need 4 sets)
– OEM Head Gasket – 12251-P5M-004 (see here:
– OEM Oil Pump – 15100-P5M-A01 (see here:
– OEM Rear Main Seal – 91214-PLE-003 (see here:
– OEM Valve Seals – Intake – 12210-PZ1-004 (need 8)
– OEM Valve Seals – Exhaust – 12211-PZ1-004 (need 8)
– OEM Oil Pan Gasket – 11251-P5K-000
– OEM Oil Strainer Gasket – 15221-P5K-004 (see here:
– O-Ring for Oil Control Orifice (under center camshaft holder) – 15142-PH3-003
– O-Ring for Oil Pan Bridge – 91323-PH7-003 (see here:
– Exedy OEM Clutch Kit – KHC03 (see here:
– Exedy OEM Flywheel – FWHDA01 (see here:
– Exedy Clutch Master Cylinder – MC234
– Exedy Slave Cylinder – SC642



– Send head to machine shop for resurfacing and checked for compression (do this ASAP because I waited nearly 3 months for it to be completed)
IF valves are getting cut, do a 3 ANGLE Valve Job! The valves come 3 angle from the factory so it doesn’t make sense to do a 2 angle valve job. You’ll have to find a Performance Machine Shop that can do a 3 angle job.


Optional Recommendations

– OEM Water Pump – 19200-P13-003
– OEM Timing Belt – 14400-P13-014
– Gates Timing Belt – Black (OEM alternative) – T226
– Gates Timing Belt – Blue (High Performance) – T226RB
– Cometic Head Gasket (0.030 compressed thickness) (OEM alternative) – C4252-030
– OEM Water Hose O-Ring (behind Thermostat Housing) – 91314-PR7-A00 (2 recommended. Other one is back side of Water Pump)


Useful Tools

– Permatex Ultra Slick Engine Assembly Lube –
– Wiseco Piston Ring installer (87mm) –
– Hondabond High Temp gasket maker –
– Hondabond 4 gasket maker –
– Valve Spring Compressor Tool – (see here:


– When installing OEM rings, MAKE SURE that the letters/engravings are facing upward. The top 2 rings should be installed 180 Degrees from each other. The ring marked with 2T should be the second ring (see here: The bottom 3 oil rings should NOT be lined up. (see here:
– Indention on the Thrust Washers should be facing outward (see here:
– When installing Pistons, cover the bottom of the threads with a plastic tube so they do not scratch cylinder walls.

Most of my OEM and Exedy parts were sourced from, be sure to hit them up in case your local Honda Dealership can’t get certain parts. Besides that, most of my parts were sourced through Amazon, Ebay, Rockauto, and
*As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.


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