Electric Power Steering Conversion for Honda Prelude (97-01)

Here’s a project that can be done in one day! Thanks to @steeztilldeath

Why Convert to an Electric Power Steering Pump?
– Deletes belt-driven power steering pump
– Clearance for Turbo and Super Charger
– Cleans up engine bay
– Brownie points

Parts you’ll need:
– Electric Power Steering Pump from Volvo S40, C30, C70, V50
– AN-6 Hose, PTFE (for high pressure)
– 8 Gauge Wire (power to Power Steering Pump)
– 80amp fuse
– Fragola #491963-BL – High pressure fitting for pump and hose
– RH 8161-06-14-2 – fitting for PS rack and high pressure hose

Side Notes:
– Can place in trunk, drifters do so for weight distribution
– Big plug, red is for power, black is for ground
– Small harness for switching on and off the pump.
– Red/grey and blue/red wires are not used
– Light blue/grey wire is used for switching on and off the pump. 12V ignition source
– Sensor on high pressure line can be left unplugged without throwing CEL code

@steeztilldeath Notes
1. Concerning the Green PS switch/sensor on the stock power steering line, you will NOT need that with this conversion! That switch doesn’t do anything but send a signal to the ECU to raise the IDLE when the stock system goes over a certain pressure while IDLING. That function is ONLY useful on the stock belt-driven pump because if you’re idling and turn the steering wheel the pump will have to work harder, so the idle needs to raise a little bit! That’s all it does on a stock system, and NO it will not trigger any CEL by leaving it unplugged, i hope this clears it up.
2. There is a Return line on the pump! You use the same return hardline that’s already on your car, all you need is a longer hose and all you do is connect that to the return on the pump! • For the most part i figured only certain people would be doing this swap, so there might be things i don’t mention in the video that should be “common sense” (not trying to sound a certain way, you know what i mean) So things like the return line, and mounting the pump should be stuff you can look at and figure out. Hope this helps 👍🏾


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