8th Gen Civic Facelift Comparison (06-11)

A quick look of all the variations of each Honda Civic 8th gen (2006-2011) front ends. in 2009, all models received a facelift, therefore, its important to ensure any aftermarket part fit your specific bumper.

Coupe Si – FG2

Received a new front bumper and grill.

06 Coupe Si - FG2
09 Facelift - Coupe Si - FG2

Sedan Si – FA5

the front bumper and grill were restyled. The bar above the rear license plate is chromed. Taillights use transparent lenses with amber bulbs for turn signals instead of red.

07 Sedan Si - FA5
09 Facelift - Sedan Si - FA5

Hybrid – FD3/4

06 Honda Civic Hybrid FD3
09 Facelift - Hybrid - FD3

Acura CSX – FD5 (Canada Exclusive)

07 CSX - FD5
09 CSX Facelift - FD5

Civic Type R – FD2

07 CTR - FD2
07 CTR - Mugen RR - FD2

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